Friday, January 7, 2011

Wedding Wonders

There are just some things I don't understand when it comes to weddings. Especially the nonsense I see when watching Bridezillas and the other Bride shows on TV.

I've compiled a list to show the things I have questions about. Maybe you can help me figure these out.

1. Having 10-20 Bridesmaids and then topping it off with "Honorary Bridesmaids"
2. Putting your wedding registry on everything from your save the date to the actual wedding invite itself (every wedding etiquette literature I've read says this is a no-no). Save it for the shower invites.
3. Making people spend tons of money on your bachelor/bachelorette party (i.e. cruises, out of the country trips, etc.)
4. Making your wedding party pay for an expensive dress that looks inexpensive (glad I haven't encountered this one)
5. Asking people to pay for your honeymoon. Refer to #3.
6. Only allowing your guests 2 months to plan for an out of town wedding
7. Only allowing your guests 2 months to plan for a destination wedding
8. Being rude to any person that is helping you get ready for your special day
9. Acting like a Diva because you think it's expected as a Bride
***10. Marriage is not a band aid. The problems you have now will still be there when you are married.

And just for kicks I am including a video of the worst example of a bride I have seen so far. Words cannot explain.

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