Monday, January 17, 2011

Goldes Globes Favs

Amber Riley
Some have said that it was too much for her, but I actually loved this dress on her.

Natalie Portman
This dress is getting some buzz, but I don't get it. I think the flower placement is weird. 

Julia Stiles
Loving the "Old Hollywood Glamour" look here.

Eva Longoria
One of my favorites of the night.

Catherine Zeta-Jones
Green was a popular choice for many ladies, but Mrs. Zeta-Jones was my choice.
The texture is amazing.

Sandra Bullock
I don't like this dress in pictures, but on screen (my TV) it looked gorgeous.
I know her haircut is so 2009, but it makes Sandy look younger and fab. 

Sofia Vergara
This woman can do no wrong in my book. Her body brings the best out in any gown.
Love the color.

Mila Kunis
Here's more green. Wish she had chosen a different hair up-do.

Helen Bonham-Carter
WTH? No words for this mess. Someone is scared to tell her what's up.

Christina Aguilera
I don't know what is going on with her lately (aside from divorce), but she looks a mess.
Her dress looks like her perfume bottle.

Claire Danes
Lovely color, lovely cut.

Angelina Jolie
I am not a fan of hers, but was very surprised to see her wearing something other than black or black.

Olivia Wilde
My fiancee loved this dress. I didn't like it. Reminds me of my prom circa 2001.

Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive Fall 2010 Couture
Styled by my girl, Rachel Zoe.

Real Cravings

List of things I have been craving since starting the healthy way of life:

1. Crave Strawberry Cupcake

2. Dairy Queen Dipped Cone

3. La Casona/Pappasitos/Lopez Cheese Enchiladas

4. Star Pizza - Ben's Deep Dish

5. Cheese!

I am sure I will think of more as I discover more things I can't eat.

Fresh Start for 2011: Week 2

The fiancee and I had our first weigh-in since we started our new healthy lifestyle. I am happy to say that I have shed 4 pounds and that he has shed 6 so far. It's not much, but I think it's a good start to where we want to be. We are tracking our results bi-weekly and trying to reach mini-goals along the way.

It has been hard, but it is getting easier everyday. Exploring new food options and treating my taste buds to new flavors is fun. I also have additional motivation to help me through: 10 year high school reunion in May!

Wedding Matters

Last night, I went to a bachelorette dinner for a good friend who's wedding I am standing in next month. Over dinner, I met two other women who are planning their weddings this year. The common issue is of course money and trying to plan stress free. With hearing their stories, I felt relief because they are feeling the exact way I am right now. Now I don't feel so bad and realize I am not the only one.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Wedding Wonders

There are just some things I don't understand when it comes to weddings. Especially the nonsense I see when watching Bridezillas and the other Bride shows on TV.

I've compiled a list to show the things I have questions about. Maybe you can help me figure these out.

1. Having 10-20 Bridesmaids and then topping it off with "Honorary Bridesmaids"
2. Putting your wedding registry on everything from your save the date to the actual wedding invite itself (every wedding etiquette literature I've read says this is a no-no). Save it for the shower invites.
3. Making people spend tons of money on your bachelor/bachelorette party (i.e. cruises, out of the country trips, etc.)
4. Making your wedding party pay for an expensive dress that looks inexpensive (glad I haven't encountered this one)
5. Asking people to pay for your honeymoon. Refer to #3.
6. Only allowing your guests 2 months to plan for an out of town wedding
7. Only allowing your guests 2 months to plan for a destination wedding
8. Being rude to any person that is helping you get ready for your special day
9. Acting like a Diva because you think it's expected as a Bride
***10. Marriage is not a band aid. The problems you have now will still be there when you are married.

And just for kicks I am including a video of the worst example of a bride I have seen so far. Words cannot explain.

Fresh Start for 2011

I kicked off the new year on a healthy note. I started taking Zumba classes and working out in between at my local YMCA. Alongside these efforts, I am watching what I eat and eating tons of healthy snacks. Working out everyday is a lot easier on my schedule that I thought and it's actually fun. I used to work out a lot my first year of college for fear of the freshman fifteen. I also had a personal trainer on campus and looked my best, until I started working and going out to eat all the time. I love, love food and admit the hardest part of it all is eating the right things. I love cheese, bread and pasta! I have to manage it especially since I am Hispanic because lard, rice and refried beans are a staple in our cooking. I'll be tracking my progress from now on to keep my goals in tact for this year. I look forward to the challenge.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Path We Follow

I always talk about having certain people in my life and firmly believe that people are in your path for certain reasons. Looking back at high school, college and my adult life I can see the choices I made and the path I was supposed to follow. It all works out in the end and it's funny the mistakes we make while still somehow finding the way you were meant to go. My fiancee and I always talk about the way we found each other because it is a funny yet embarrassing story to describe.

I cherish our beginning moments and the relationships I have made with many people over the years even though some relationships have sadly faded. It's hard to manage friendships, but with any relationship both parties choose to keep the connection growing. Give to get. I hope that the people I love the most know how I feel even though I may struggle to express my feelings. I am working on this and hope to improve this aspect of my life in 2011. Here's to those that matter most!

One Down

I'm pretty sure I mentioned that I have five weddings to attend in the next couple months. This past weekend I stood in one of my best friends wedding in Houston. I have been to a lot of weddings, but this one was filled with the couples admiration and devotion to one another. I especially loved the groom's speech in which he thanked his mother, his new bride and the friends and family in attendance. I had so much fun that all day I forgot that my bridesmaid dress zipper had broken and I had to be pinned, sewed and fabric glued together minutes before the ceremony. I now know the importance of an emergency kit and will be packing one for my wedding. I just hope that my wedding lives up to their special day and that they are blessed with a wonderful start to a happy future.