Friday, January 7, 2011

Fresh Start for 2011

I kicked off the new year on a healthy note. I started taking Zumba classes and working out in between at my local YMCA. Alongside these efforts, I am watching what I eat and eating tons of healthy snacks. Working out everyday is a lot easier on my schedule that I thought and it's actually fun. I used to work out a lot my first year of college for fear of the freshman fifteen. I also had a personal trainer on campus and looked my best, until I started working and going out to eat all the time. I love, love food and admit the hardest part of it all is eating the right things. I love cheese, bread and pasta! I have to manage it especially since I am Hispanic because lard, rice and refried beans are a staple in our cooking. I'll be tracking my progress from now on to keep my goals in tact for this year. I look forward to the challenge.

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