Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Path We Follow

I always talk about having certain people in my life and firmly believe that people are in your path for certain reasons. Looking back at high school, college and my adult life I can see the choices I made and the path I was supposed to follow. It all works out in the end and it's funny the mistakes we make while still somehow finding the way you were meant to go. My fiancee and I always talk about the way we found each other because it is a funny yet embarrassing story to describe.

I cherish our beginning moments and the relationships I have made with many people over the years even though some relationships have sadly faded. It's hard to manage friendships, but with any relationship both parties choose to keep the connection growing. Give to get. I hope that the people I love the most know how I feel even though I may struggle to express my feelings. I am working on this and hope to improve this aspect of my life in 2011. Here's to those that matter most!

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