Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For the Kids

Somebody had the idea to turn mainstream music into kid friendly versions called Kidz Bop. This idea has proven to be hugely successful since parents are buying up these CD's like crazy. I recently came across this version of Christina Aguilera's, "Not Myself Tonight". It doesn't sound that bad for a clean version, but I still can't help but laugh when I notice the curse word replacements. I may have to purchase for my little cousin's listening pleasure.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

Chicken Heaven.

Amongst all the burrito bowl restaurants lies a little piece of heaven called Chicken Kitchen. When my boyfriend used to live in the Med-Center area we would frequent this restaurant for it's amazing Cuban chop-chop. It's simply a fancy word for their burrito bowls made from their freshly grilled chicken breast. So fresh that they pull the chicken off the grill in front of you instead of from a sitting tray. I like CK better than Mission Burrito, Chipotle and the newly opened Bullritos. What I also like about this place is that everything is prepared in accordance with the American Heart Association.

It was even named one of the "Top 10 Places to Eat in Houston" in 2009 by the Houston Press.

Check it out!

2516 Rice Blvd., 713-523-2323


Went to the doctor last week.

Basically, my body is stressed and it crapped out on me, thus resulting in a panic attack. My pain has decreased drastically (thank you, massage), but can come back if I don't take care of myself. I was prescribed Zanex for the panic attacks and for relaxation, but have not touched the bottle for fear of turning into a vegetable. Sadly, I will have another panic attack and that alone stresses me out.

If the pain does not dissolve I will have to go back for an MRI, but my doctor says I am too young nor do I have a family history to lead me to worry.

It's Almost Here.

Lady Gaga's concert is happening this Sunday and I cannot wait! I plan on dressing up like her to the show, but wonder how many Gaga's I will run into.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Growing Pains.

I have been MIA lately due to some minor health issues. I went to the hospital last week after suffering a horrible panic attack while driving home after work. Usually panic attacks are stressed induced, but this one seemed to come out of nowhere. It was quite scary and have to admit that I thought it was the end. Numbness all over, loss of vision and cramping of my hands and feet all while driving down the fast lane.

In addition to that scare, I have been experiencing extreme pain from my waist down to my feet. The pain feels like my legs and feet are constantly falling asleep, but when I stand still it feels like lightning is shooting down to my toes. A friend told me that it may be my sciatic nerve causing the problem. I looked into it and it seems that this may be true. I was advised to see a Neurologist, which I am going to see tomorrow. Hopefully, I won't have to suffer anymore, because I don't like feeling like an old lady. Plus, wearing flats is getting old.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

One Day.

Alexander McQueen

Herve Leger
If I was worth a pretty penny, I would be wearing one of these to the wedding I am attending this Saturday. Unfortunately I am not, so I will just have to settle for the usual Macy's fix. Imagining wearing one of these creations makes me happy. Hopefully one day I will own a gorgeous piece of fashion and never take it off!