Thursday, December 23, 2010

Love Songs

Last night, the fiancee and I got to talking about what song we would want playing while we shared our first dance. It's interesting the choices we have, but the songs meanings are very simple and share the same feeling. The first one is his choice and caught me by complete surprise because his song choices are usually of the rap pursuasion. The second one is mine and had never heard it before until the other day while driving to work. The title of the song are the exact words my finacee told me once while we were dating and once again when he proposed. It's why the song captured my attention. Not to mention that I love the singers raspy voice and his true emotion. I have a hard decision to make.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's Beginning to (not) Look a Lot Like Christmas

This week is Christmas, but in Houston it feels like a hot mess. I can't complain because it could be the other way around. This year I am torn between going to my aunt's house as my family has done every year or going with my fiancee to his parents celebration. His whole family is coming up from the Valley since his grandpa is currently going through chemo treatments here. He has a rare form of cancer and it's the first time the family has not celebrated at their grandparents house.

My family is having issues right now and I find it hard to stomach any gathering because I hate the tension, but somehow I push through and go anyway. I don't mind going to either, but every year my mom and I swear we are going to hop a plane and have our own Christmas elsewhere. One day...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Camera Lust

I am getting crazy for camera's again. Ever since I was a little girl I have been obsessed with cameras and photography. I was in yearbook and was the photo editor in high school and even took classes in college, but I am rusty. The one thing I truly have been itching for is sitting in a dark room and getting lost in chemicals for hours. It was therapeutic for me and I miss it so much. This year for Christmas I have my eye on the classic Diana pin hole camera and Urban Outfitters has so many to choose from. They even have a Hello Kitty version that I may snag up for myself. The film is super expensive and hard to find, but I have to have it. I also have been eyeing instant cameras, especially super cool designed Fujifilm version. My creative side is begging to come out!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Target Fashion

Target announced that it will be featuring William Rast, the clothing line by Justin Timberlake and friend Trace Ayala. I saw this in InStyle magazine and they featured some of the items that will be in store starting December 19th thru January 22nd. The collection looks great and the line will carry affordable items for women and men. I haven't been excited about any of the collections for Target, but this one I am eager to purchase.
I am a fan of William Rast's leather jackets and their jeans are awesome, but wonder if the quality will be the same. Either way, I expect these items to sell fast. Although I am not sure if I should pay full price or wait until this line goes on clearance and snag everything for a bargain. Target has a fast turnover rate and I can always find great deals for less than 15 dollars most the time. I shall see!