Monday, March 8, 2010

My Oscar Favs...

I loved the design of Maggie's gown. I could actually see myself wearing this beauty.

Interestingly enough, my boyfriend like this one. I on the other hand am on the fence.

Two of my favs together. Jennifer and Demi.

Miley's gown is in my top 2. I love how tight it is on top, the belting and how it flows down. Reminds me of a night gown.

I adore the way the material catches the light even though it is black as well as the gathering throughout.

J-Lo solo. I loved this gown. It softly shows off her curves and looks so fresh.

Penelope can do no wrong in my book. She always picks a winner.

Demi by herself. I love the ruffles and criss-cross of layers on top.

I thought Charlize's dress pick was the worst. It not only brings attention to her chest, but there is something about the color I don't like.

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