Monday, November 29, 2010

First Time's a Charm!

I went to look at dresses a couple weeks ago with my mom and maid of honor. I just wanted to browse and maybe get an idea of what I was looking for. I knew I wanted something form fitting and very dramatic, but hadn't seen anything appealing in any magazine or online. As I was looking, the salesperson asked what I didn't want to help the procees and the only thing I thought of was lace. I just didn't see myself wearing lace and associated the trend with old ladies for some reason. From the start, my mom told me she saw me wearing lace, but would let me choose what I wanted.

I had dozens of dresses all the same style ready to go when my mom pointed out one in the display window. Of course it was lace and was very pretty, but was twice my parent's budget. We walked away and then my mom asked if I would try it on first just for her. I obliged to make her happy thinking I would try it on and move on. I put it on and immediately thought how sexy and flirty it made me feel. I walked out and the initial reaction was the one I'd hoped for for my wedding day. I want the "wow" factor and people to drop jaws when I walk down the aisle.

I was hesitant to love this dress because I assumed that their reactions were because it was the first dress I was trying on. After that every other dress got no response and blank faces. I was surprised to find that the style I thought I'd wear did not flatter me at all and made me feel very frumpy. In the back of my mind was that dress but I felt guilt for finding it so early on with more than year left to plan, but my mom said, "Just get the first one!"

The dress is very old Hollywood glamour and paired with the birdcage veil it was exactly was I wanted without knowing. Happy that this was such an easy process and not a nightmare as some of my friends have experienced. So with that done I now have to start jump start the planning process. As of now, I had no motivation but with the holidays approaching and the numerous weddings we have in the first months in 2011, it's just a reminder that time is passing quickly.

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