Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dress Dilemma

Going with my mom and maid of honor this weekend to try on some dresses. In order for me to take bridal portraits in the Spring, I will have to have my dress purchased by January. I will not have time to do this unless I take care of it before the holidays. Then after the holidays we have back to back weddings until March, so I have to get on the ball.

It seems that no matter what bridal magazine I look at, I see the same boring dresses. Maybe it's because they use the same ads in all the publications or I'm being extremely picky, but either way I cannot find "the dress". I have some that I kind of like, for example this dress seems to keep popping up, but honestly can't fully see myself wearing any of them. Hopefully, when I try some on it will get my mind straight.
I haven't done any other wedding plans for a while, but need to send the rest of the save the dates in November to allow a year for our guests to plan. All this and more, but I won't stress. Promise.

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