Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So the engagement party was a success apart from me almost having a panic attack. I was busy all day trying to make sure everything was all in order, but of course that never happens when you try to prep a party. I called in reinforcements and had several family members including my fiance's sister and mother help at last minute. I still was scrambling 15 minutes before the guests arrived and needless to say I was late to my own party. All of it flew by so fast because we were trying to manage talking to everyone and keeping family members entertained. Our families have never met and the few friends we had have never been in the same room. It was pretty cool and loved the toasts everyone gave, even my mother who hates speaking in public. She was on point!

The highlight for me was giving everyone their goody bags filled with Vegas themed candies and our awesome "save the date" cards designed by a good friend. We received so many great responses and comments on how amazing they looked. People expressed how excited they are to attend our wedding. I am so happy everything turned out well and look forward to mailing out the rest of the cards and jump starting the rest of my wedding planning.

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