Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wedding Milestones

These past few weeks we have been able to check some big things off our wedding list. I split our to-do list items up and every week I have been giving my fiancee priorities for him to handle. He is very good at getting things done and am happy that he is helping me get things moving. So far, we've paid for the church in Houston and paid for the ceremony in Vegas. I secured a wedding photographer for our nuptials in town and planned our couples shower for June.

Together we finally registered for gifts which literally took all day to manage. I lost interest half way into the registering process and had no idea how much there is to consider. Very overwhelming process! Right now we are trying to secure the reception in Vegas, think about invitations and get our flights and rooms reserved before it's too late. My girls are handling the bachelorette and our moms are planning showers. It's been crazy, but hopefully I will have it all done by the Summer. Wish me luck!

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