Thursday, September 16, 2010

Moving Along

I started the "Save the Date" creative process this week. I am excited about introducing our wedding style to our family at our engagement party next month. Yesterday, I had my first crying moment when the fiancee questioned everything from the size of the product to the actual printing process. I work in Advertising, so I know how all this stuff works, but to other people I guess it seems silly the way it all works. You can say that he caught me at the end of a long day at my weakest moment. After a talk, he now sees my vision and agrees we should raise the bar to show our fun personalities.

I guess I was expecting him to just say, "whatever you like" and that would be it especially since we already discussed this, but I got all kinds of questions thrown at me and then he asked why ours couldn't look like everyone else's cards. Let me point out that I am the type of person that has a higher expectation and adamantly wants to not be like everyone else. I like to be unique in my choices and in all aspects of life the best way I can and this of course applies to my wedding planning. I could be mediocre, but it's no fun.

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  1. You're way to unique to give in to a "traditional" invite or wedding. Rock it, J!