Monday, June 4, 2012

How to: Rockin' the Side Braid

When I am strapped for time, but still want to look polished and pretty, I rely on my trusty side braid. This hair style is super easy and provides a great look any time of year for any occasion of the day. All you need is a little bit of gel, a hair tie and some bobby pins.

Step 1: Part hair as desired. (I always side part my hair to catch all my layers, but a middle part works just as well)

Step 2: Apply gel to palm of hand and begin to tightly braid from side catching gel as you go. (The gel will ensure that hair, especially strays keep in place all day)

Step 3: Secure braid with hair tie and booby pin any back loose ends if needed.

Keep in mind that sometimes the messier the look, the better! You can also glam up your look by adding a headband or even incorporating different braid styles (fishtail, french, etc).

Time to complete look: 2-3 min


Shailene Woodley

Diane Kruger

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