Monday, May 23, 2011

Wedding Updates

I've been busy as you can tell from the lack of posts, but in a good way. Our invitations are printing tomorrow and the calligrapher (aka: my girlfriend) has already begun addressing the envelopes. Everything is moving smoothly and anticipate sending out by end of week depending on when I can sit down and complete. Once this huge task is done I can rest a little or at least enjoy the eventful weekends we continue to have.

This past weekend my best friend and I decided on the bridesmaids dresses after a long search. I am truly happy with this decision because it is what I envisioned but could not find and thought I would have to settle. My last resort was a David's Bridal gown and it made my stomach hurt just going into that place, but thankfully we found the dress and for a steal on the clearance rack!

This weekend is my 10 year reunion (joy) and my fiance's cousin is coming down from the Dallas area to take our engagement photos. I have no idea what to do about wardrobe and/or what kind of shots we should take. Struggling for examples because I don't want to do the norm. She's seems pretty creative, so I am up for anything.

Then next weekend, my parents are hosting a family shower at one of our favorite restaurants in my hometown. So glad we decided not to have it at my parents house. My father recently tore his ACL and is having surgery this week, so hopefully he will be well enough to enjoy himself.

Other than that we're still busy and slowly looking for our first home in the Houston area. Not going to stress over it much and might just wait until after the wedding to prevent rushing into something. Meanwhile, the boxes of presents are stacking up at my parents house...

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