Monday, May 10, 2010


I have been in a very long relationship and the "marriage" talk has happened, keeps happening actually and plans are moving, but a ring is not in place. I find myself very defensive when people assume they know what's good for me and give advice unsolicited. A situation always happens where I am singled out as the only non-married person in the room and it happened twice at a party this weekend. It hurts when people ask questions or talk about my relationship out in the open as if they feel sorry for me.

I am fine with my situation and I am no way the victim. It will happen for me and there are unfortunately life's events that come up and stall your plans, but it is my belief that they are life's test. It definately tugs at me when it seems everyone we know are getting engaged and that it is happening faster for others, but I try hard not to let those feelings take over. I am lucky to have found the person I am supposed to be with at age 19 and that we continued to grow together. I just wish people would keep their comments to themselves and let others be happy. I'd really hate to punch someone on account of their ignorance.

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